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  • wont download..,,what am I doing wrong. I get top half of page one. top quarter of page two …. one line on page 3??? Is it me or ???

    • Hey Robert,

      Well, heck, that’s no good! I’m using a caching plugin to make the pages load faster for folks, but one of the things it does it tells your browser to be “proactive” in caching, whatever that means. I noticed that once for me, Chrome refused to load page 3. But it was totally fine in the other browsers I was testing. I emptied Chrome’s cache and restarted it and then all was well.

      This is the first day this site is live, so there is bound to be a glitch or two. Could you tell me what browser you are using? Would you mind clearing your browser’s cache, quitting it and then trying again to see if it works?

      Sorry for the hassle, but your help is very much appreciated! We’ll get this sorted out!

    • OK. I’ve now run into this a couple times (after coming back to this site again and again to check in and answer comments. 🙂 ) And I notice that when that happens, just refreshing the page seems to fix it. And that’s certainly the simplest solution.

      Still shouldn’t be happening. But in the meantime, if you’re encountering this, that would be the first thing I’d try…

  • LOL I’d go down on the guy…not the chub-cops but the soldier XD

  • Saberri

    Deacon looks like Karl from Slingblade in the fourth panel. I was so expecting a “Mmhmm” from him.

  • i detest such rude behavior 

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  • Derkins

    It’s impossible to reach a threshold of having read this comic over and over again, enough. It will never be enough. O-O